n this tutorial we will build an ik leg with a simple foot control setup. This will give us a foot controller that will move and rotate the whole foot. The heel control will lift the heel , the toe controller will allow the foot to pivot on the toe, and a toetap controller that will allow us to lift or wiggle the toes.

ik foot setup

First create a leg and name the joints according to the image.You'll want to create the joints in the side view.

select the joints and modify>freeze transforms.

Use skeleton>Orient Joints when finished

Create an IK Handle using Skeleton>IKhandle from hip_L to foot_L 

and name the handle foot_L_ikHandle

Create another IK Handle using Skeleton>IKhandle from foot_L  to ball_L

and name the handle ball_L_ikHandle

foot controls labels

Create Nurbs Circles and spheres to use as controls.Scale,place them and name as shown in the image.When done, Freeze Transforms on the controls.Use the insert key to place all the control pivots at their corresponding joints.

outliner hierarchy

Create a group called "foot_ctrl_pos" by selecting nothing and pressing ctrl+g.

Parent all your controls under the new group by using the middle mouse button in the outliner.

Your hierarchy should appear as it does in the above image. Also parent the ball_L_ikHandle under the heel_ctrl 


Constraints: Now we will connect the constraints.

Select: toetap_ctrl and ball_L  then constrain>orient

Select: foot_l_ikHandle and foot_L then constrain>orient

 Done!! Try out your new foot!